Boiler water energy-saving agent product features and advantages

Boiler water energy-saving agent product features and advantages

Boiler water energy-saving agent is a polyamine composite agent, mainly used for boiler feed water, adjusting pH value and preventing pipeline corrosion. It is suitable for boiler feed water system with operating pressure not more than 17MPa.

Product advantages:

(1) Substitutability: it can completely replace trisodium phosphate without the risk of corrosion due to phosphate hiding. It can be used directly without dilution.

(2) Scale inhibition, scale elimination: it has good chelating effect on iron, copper and other ions, forming a passivated protective film inside the boiler, inhibiting corrosion and prolonging the service life of the boiler.

(3) Energy saving, efficiency, environmental protection: reduce the number of discharges and discharge rate, allowing the boiler to operate at a minimum of 0.5% discharge rate; save demineralized water, inhibit foaming of the furnace water, improve the quality of steam; reduce the energy loss, reduce coal, etc.. Energy use, improve economic efficiency, while reducing the burning of coal and other energy in the atmosphere pollution.

This product is a low phosphorus product, no adverse effects on the later sewage treatment.