Textile Coating Thickeners - Make your world colorful!

Textile Coating Thickeners - Make your world colorful!

   Coating printing has occupied an important position in the printing and dyeing industry all over the world, and according to the data, in the 1990s, about 50% or so of the world's output of printed fabrics were made by coating printing process.

    Textile coating thickener is a kind of acrylic acid copolymer, which is an efficient thickener for the preparation of coating printing. Widely used in cotton fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics and blended textiles coating printing color paste, a variety of printing processes, such as flat screen, round screen, roller and table printing system.


Product Advantages:

1, Excellent wet and dry rubbing fastness, good hand feeling.

2, has a clearer, more excellent printing and dyeing effect, the use of safe and convenient.

3, its performance can be comparable with imported products, and the price is more obvious advantage.

Because of its good electrolyte resistance and water-holding properties, it can be used in conjunction with a variety of adhesives; it can be added directly to the color paste mixture to thicken the color paste, and can also be used with water to form a backup paste, easy to use.