Antistatic Agent KR-672D

_0000_特殊助剂 8
_0000_特殊助剂 8
Antistatic Agent KR-672D

This product is widely used the antistatic treatment of various fifibers such as acrylic fifibers, nylon fifibers and polyester to make fifibers soft and smooth, with good resistance to friction, high temperature, acid and alkali. After the treatment, fifibers will have excellent hygroscopicity, pilling proofifing properties. It can be applied to the treatment of chemical fifiber spinning.

Product Details


●Composition: compound of multiple emulsions

●Appearance: Semi-transparent emulsion

●PH Value: 6±1

●Solid content:12±1%

●Ionicity: nonionic


●Usage: Can be applied to padding, dipping or spraying

●Recommend Dosage:10—30g/L

●Dosage can be adjusted per specifific technology


●Storage: at 5℃ to 35℃.

●Shelf life:6 months in cool and shady place

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