Blossom Agent 2

Blossom Agent 2

This product is widely used in the post -slurry and light compression of chemical fiber wounded fabrics. In the lighting process, the cloth surface after light has a cortex, thick oil, high oil brightness, and strong persistence.

Product Details

【Technical Index】

● External view: milky white lotion

● pH value: 5-6

● ion nature: non -ion

● Effective solid content: 35% ± 1%

● Solubility: Dilute with water at any intention

【Product advantages】

● The brightness of the light oil is high, and the brightness is lasting

● Strong cortee

● Thick, stretch, no board, strong durability, rubbing

【Packaging Storage】

● Packaging: 125kg plastic barrel

● Storage: stored in a cool and ventilated place, the shelf life is 6 months

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