Blossom Agent 3

Blossom Agent 3

The product is widely used in the later stages of the chemical fiber textiles such as polyester fiber textiles and compacting the lighting to make the cloth fluffy and thick, especially in the lighting process. powerful.

Product Details

【Technical Index】

● External view: milky white lotion

● pH value: 5-6

● ion nature: non -ion

● Effective solid content: 40% ± 1%

● Solubility: Dilute with water at any intention

【Product advantages】

● The brightness is good after the light is pressed, and the oil brightness is high

● Strong cortee

● fluffy, thick, non -plate, strong durability, resistant to rubbing

【Packaging Storage】

● Packaging: 125kg plastic barrel

● Storage: stored in a cool and ventilated place, the shelf life is 6 months

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