Green Onion KR-7101


Product Description

_0005_粘合剂 1
_0005_粘合剂 1
Green Onion KR-7101

Environmental golden green onion kr-7101 is a special adhesive that is good for PET golden green onion powder and is strong with fabric. It is suitable for printing of fabrics and fabrics. It has good adhesion and transparency after processing. Good elasticity.

Environmental golden green onion KR-7101 can add 3%~ 5%of the curing agent according to water-resistant washing requirements, like jelly-like. 40-80 Silk Printing (thick board silk) Silk-salad golden shallots fans rolled at 110 ° C for 5 minutes 160 ° C to bake for 2 minutes. Small golden shallots can also be mixed in the golden green onion slurry.

Product Details

1. Technical indicators:

1. Group: Acrylate branches together

2. Solid content: 38 ± 2

3. ionism: Yin

4. PH value: 6-8

5, viscosity: 500-550 MPA.S can be appropriately adjusted according to the actual usage according to the actual use; the climate is dry, and the glycerin within 0.5%can be added.

2. Features:

1. The glue film is colorless and transparent, and it will not make golden green onion powder darker, and it can keep the golden shallots unique luster.

2. The water resistance of the glue film is particularly good.

3. The adhesion strength is higher. After printing, you can get a very good dry and wet grinding fastness and brushing fastness.

4. Good permeability and easy to operate.

Third, packaging:

125kg plastic bucket packaging.

Four, storage:

The product is stored in a cool place, with a temperature of 5-30 ° C to prevent exposure and freezing, and store and transport according to non-dangerous goods.

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