Talk about textile auxiliary -soft film

Talk about textile auxiliary -soft film

With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements of clothing are also different, part of the pursuit of beauty, a person look at the texture, if you can have the best of both worlds, it is even more wonderful. But the most important thing is to wear clothes on the body to be comfortable, then there is no curious good to know, a garment from the blank to the molding, in the end, what kind of process will go through? This is an important part of the textile finishing add textile additives - softeners.

Soft sheet as a textile softener as a commercial agent has a history of more than twenty years. As the name suggests, soft flakes are softeners in tablet form. Softeners are essential chemicals in textile production and processing, and they play an important and indispensable role in improving the quality and added value of textile products.

Excellent softeners for textiles need to have the following characteristics:

Good softness, applicability to a variety of fibers;

Good compatibility with other auxiliaries;

No allergic and irritating effect on human body, no bad gas escaping during processing;

Good washing resistance, in line with the requirements of high temperature treatment in dyeing and finishing processing;

Simple finishing process, stable storability;

Soft sheet KR-525

Technical indexes

l Appearance: light yellow flake

l Composition: fatty acids and polyol compounds

l Ionicity: nonionic

l pH value: 7.0~9.0 (5~10% slurry)

Properties and Characteristics

l Giving fabrics excellent soft and fluffy feel

l Very good low yellowing

l Anti-static properties

Scope of application

l Applicable to a variety of fibers and fabrics, especially for the color light, whiteness of the fabrics have strict requirements

Storage and packaging

l Storage period: 12 months, in a cool place.

l Packing: 25kg plastic woven bag.

The product and other additives solubility and process, please adjust according to the variety of samples after the user's discretion.