Why do I need to add water treatment agents to the boiler?

Why do I need to add water treatment agents to the boiler?

Natural water contains various impurities such as dissolving salt, suspension, colloids, and dissolved gases. During the boiler, pot water is under high temperature and pressure conditions. With the evaporation of water steam, pot water is constantly concentrated. If Do not deal with boiler water, it will inevitably cause failure such as corrosion, scaling, and soda co -scattered in boilers. As a result, operation efficiency decreases.

In order to prevent faults caused by water quality, ensure the safe operation of the boiler, and improve the operating efficiency of the boiler, various methods need to be treated with water. Boiler water treatment is divided into pots in the pot with drug treatment and chemical treatment of the pot. Pot in the pot is based on the water quality requirements of the pot water to add chemicals such as anti -stool agent, oxygen dehuminant, and removal agent to the pot water to ensure that the indicators of the pot water meet the standards.

For low -voltage small boilers without water treatment equipment without pots, it is particularly important for regular pot drug treatment in the pot. The chemical treatment of outside the pot is to remove impurities in the water before the water enters the boiler. For medium and high -pressure boilers, chemical treatment methods such as ion exchange must be adopted.

Therefore, whether from the perspective of ensuring the normal safe operation of the boiler or from the aspect of improving the efficiency of the boiler operation and saving energy, it is necessary to deal with the water for boiler water.

Ke Run's new multifunctional boiler water treatment agent is a new type of boiler aquatic agent independently developed by our company. Under the premise that the water vapor index can be guaranteed normally and stable, it greatly reduces the sewage rate of boilers, saves salt water removal, suppresss furnace water soaking, and furnace water is foam. Improve the quality of steam; reduce energy loss, reduce energy usage such as coal, improve economic benefits, and reduce the pollution of energy sources such as combustion coal in the atmosphere.