The close connection between the boiler aquatic pharmaceutical agent and the "double carbon" policy

The close connection between the boiler aquatic pharmaceutical agent and the "double carbon" policy

 What is "double carbon"?

On September 22, 2020, at the 75th UN General Assembly, "Carbon Dafeng" and "Carbon Neutralization" were first proposed that my country strives to achieve carbon peaks by 2030, and in 2060 and.

1. What is "Carbon Dafeng" and "Carbon neutralization"?

Carbon peak refers to a certain point at a certain point, and the emissions of carbon dioxide no longer increased to peak, and gradually fell. my country promised that before 2030, the discharge of carbon dioxide no longer increased, and gradually decreased after reaching its peak.

Carbon neutralization refers to the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions directly or indirectly generated by enterprises, groups or individuals in enterprises, groups or individuals. Through the form of trees and afforestation, energy conservation and emission reduction, etc., to offset the carbon dioxide emissions generated by themselves, and achieve "zero emissions of carbon dioxide emissions. "" ".

2. Carbon -peak, carbon neutral and background and meaning?

Background: Climate change is a global problem facing human beings. With the emissions of carbon dioxide in various countries, greenhouse gas has soared, which pose a threat to the life system. In this context, countries around the world reduce the greenhouse gas by global cooperation, and my country has proposed carbon peaks and carbon neutrality.

Significance: Carbon -peak carbon neutrality is systemic, strategic and global work, covering high energy and high -emission departments such as energy, industry, transportation, and building, involving production and consumption, infrastructure construction, and social welfare. Essence

Incorporate carbon -peak carbon and include the overall layout of the construction of ecological civilization, and formulate a scientific action plan, which helps to accelerate the formation of the industrial structure, production method, lifestyle, and spatial pattern of saving resources and protecting the environment. Green and low -carbon high -quality development path.

3. What is the relationship between carbon peaks and carbon neutralization?

Carbon peaks are the front conditions of carbon neutralization. Only carbon peaks can be achieved can carbon neutrality. The time and difficulty of carbon peaks directly affect the time and difficulty of carbon neutralization: the earlier the peak time, the smaller the pressure of carbon neutrality; the higher the peak value, the more the carbon neutrality and the required technical progress and development model The faster the transition speed, the greater the difficulty. Carbon peak is a means, and carbon neutrality is the ultimate goal. The peak time and peak level should be determined under the constraints of carbon neutral and vision. The lower the peak level, the lower the cost of emission reduction and emission reduction; the longer the time from carbon peak to carbon neutrality, the smaller the pressure reduction pressure will be.

The main embodiment of boiler aquatic drugs in the double carbon policy

1. Boiler is a commonly used energy device in industrial production. The exhaust gas and wastewater generated by the combustion will cause certain pollution to the environment. The boiler aquatic agent can adjust the water quality, reduce scale and corrosion, improve the combustion efficiency of boiler, reduce energy consumption, and reduce the emissions of pollutants, thereby meeting the energy -saving and emission reduction requirements of the dual carbon policy.

2. The development and application of boiler aquatic drugs can improve the thermal conversion efficiency of boiler, reduce the energy consumption and carbon emissions of boiler, and help achieve dual carbon targets. At the same time, the implementation of dual carbon policies has also promoted the improvement and innovation of the performance requirements of boiler water pharmaceuticals. By continuously optimizing and improving the formulas and technologies of boiler hydrogen agents, it can further reduce the emissions of pollutants, improve energy utilization efficiency, and achieve carbon peaks, carbon neutralization targets.

Third, Kerun biological new boiler water pharmaceutical agent

Ke Run's new boiler water treatment agent is a new type of boiler aquatic agent independently developed by our company. Under the premise of ensuring that the water vapor index of boiler water vapor is completely normal and stable, it greatly reduces the drainage rate of boiler, improves the operating efficiency of boiler, and brings a huge economy to the enterprise. At the same time, benefits also improved the thermal efficiency of the boiler, reducing the additional fuel consumption of the boiler, and significant environmental protection and social benefits, which meets the requirements of the "double carbon" policy.