Application of Thickener in Textile Printing and Dyeing Industry


Thickeners are widely used in textile printing and dyeing, food processing, oil exploitation, medicine, water-based coatings and daily chemical products. Thickener plays a very important role in textile printing, which can dissolve dyes, disperse and transfer dyes, prevent seepage, maintain pattern contour, maintain paste viscosity and absorb moisture. Therefore, it must also have the following

    Basic characteristics:

( 1 ) Low concentration, high viscosity.

( 2 ) Good rheology, printing paste has a certain viscosity at rest, and will not leak out of the mesh; When external shearing force is applied, it penetrates through the mesh to the fabric, and after the shearing force is removed, it remains in the original position and does not spread to other positions.

( 3 ) Transferability, the binding force between dyes and pigments and fabrics is greater than the affinity between thickeners, and thickeners do not produce gel on the fabric surface, and do not change chemically when fixing color.

( 4 )Elution property.


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