Qingdao Kerun: Thickening Agent KR-75


Thickening agent KR-75

[Product use]

This product is widely used in the later sizing and thickening finishing of various blended fabrics, which can make the fabric fluffy, thick and rich

Elasticity, rubbing resistance and durability.

Technical indicators

Exterior view: milky white emulsion

PH value (10% solution): 6-7

Ionic: non-ionic

Effective solid content: 40% ±1

Solubility: can be diluted with water at any ratio

Product advantage

It is softer, fluffy and thicker than thickening agent, with strong durability and rubbing resistance.

Comprehensive cost performance is high, the thickness of the thickening agent is the same as that of the stiffening agent, the amount of soft film and softening agent is small, and the cost is saved.

It feels delicate, not rough, and has strong cotton texture.

Packaging and storage

Packing: 50kg or 125kg plastic bucket.

Storage: Store in a cool and ventilated place with a shelf life of 6 months.



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