Deepener and color enhancer

Deepener and color enhancer

Product Overview

This product is a resin-type deepening and color-enhancing agent, suitable for cotton, polyester and all kinds of blended dyed fabrics, printed fabrics, deepening and color-enhancing finishing.

Technical indexes

Appearance: transparent liquid

● PH (10% solution): 5.0-6.0

● Ionicity: cationic

● Solid content: (21±1)%

Performance Characteristics

● Significantly increase the depth and vividness of fabric color.

● The color of the fabric is bright after finishing.

It can improve the fluffiness and stiffness of fabrics.

Application and dosage

● Dip-rolling method: 20-40g/liter

● Impregnation method: 2-5% (O.W.F)

Please adjust the dosage according to customer's requirement.

[Storage and Packing] ● 125kg plastic drum

● 125kg plastic drum

● Store in cool and ventilated place, shelf life 6 months.