Corrosion Inhibitor

Corrosion Inhibitor

Corrosion Inhibitors Product Description

【Product Description】

Corrosion inhibitor KR-W612 is a kind of agent for refining, chemical industry, textile, etc. It is mainly used in the system of low and medium temperature environment, and it is suitable for the system in which alkane, water, steam, etc. are the working medium.

[Product features

1. Fully volatile agent, does not increase dissolved solids (TDS) in water, and has almost no effect on water conductivity. If used in water vapor system, it can be allowed to keep the conductivity lower than GB/T12145 under lower discharge rate. 2.

2. the agent is strongly alkaline, can be used to adjust the pH value of water, can replace ammonia in whole or in part, can replace the solid alkaline agent treatment.

3. the agent has a reasonable vapor-liquid distribution ratio, can eliminate the common early condensation corrosion (FCC) of the ammonia system, has a better system-wide protection performance than ammonia, and the migration of iron and copper in the system can be greatly reduced.

4. strong alkalinity of the agent, to maintain the same feed water pH conditions, condensate fine treatment of mixed-bed water output is higher (about 30% higher), mixed-bed regeneration frequency is significantly reduced.

5. Due to the fully volatile nature of the agent, even in the evaporation of the heated surface does not produce precipitate or sediment, and can be transferred with the working medium to any desired site, so there is no special restriction on the dosage site.

6. The product mainly consists of aqueous solutions of hydroxylamine and lipids with different physicochemical properties. The molecules of the agent are adsorbed to the metal by means of coordination bonds, thus forming a protective film, which reduces the rate of corrosion of the metal.

7. The agent is environmentally compatible, low biotoxicity and naturally degradable. Stable at room temperature and low to medium temperature.

【Physical and chemical properties】








密度(g/cm3 at  20℃)


GB/T 22594



GB/T 22592












GB 16663





【Usage method】

1. The inspection during the application of the product is more convenient than the traditional working conditions, no need to inspect its residual amount in the water, as long as a reasonable pH value can be ensured.

2. The agent is a solution of standard concentration, which can be injected directly. Except for alkanes and other refining systems, it can be diluted and added according to the site conditions. The agent is completely soluble in water and can be diluted in any proportion. The dilution water must be demineralized water. The standard dosing concentration is 8-15mg/L. 3.

3. The agent is volatile, the dosing tank should take certain sealing measures.


The agent is alkaline, corrosive and irritating to the skin and eyes, and should be disposed of and used with caution.


    Available in 20kg, 25kg, 200kg or 1000kg plastic drums.


1. It should be stored in sealed condition, avoiding sunlight and contact with high temperature, avoiding freezing.

2. Under sealed condition, the warranty period is 1 year. 3.

3. the opened agent should be within two weeks.