Fatliquoring Agent KR-96S

_0006_皮革 1
_0006_皮革 1
Fatliquoring Agent KR-96S
Product Details

【Characteristic 】   Good permeability, softness and smoothness

【Chemical Composition】   Mixture of synthetic oils and special auxiliaries

【Appearance】   Transparent brown liquid

【Active Content】   65-68%

【Ionicity】   microanion 

【pH value 】  (10% solution)6.0-7.0

【Stability 】   electrolyte resistance, good stability to acid, alkali

【Property 】

            1、Use as main fatliquoring agent , it can make leather feel light and soft, with a comfortable slightly waxy fee and keep grain side of leather clean.

            2、With good emulsifying ability it can easily disperse and emulfiy in both cold and hot water. 

            3、Good permeability,can use it separately. It can be used with other anionic fatliquoring agents to improve the stability of emulsion.

            4、Suitable for main faliquoring for leather of shoes, clothes, sofa, bags & suitcases and gloves.

【Application】 Dosage 6%-10%, adjustable basing on different handles(according to press to cut the weight of the skin)

【Operation Safety】 Avoid contact with eyes, skin and wounds. Rinse with plenty of water in case of any accidental contact.

【Storage】 Store in closed container, in a cool and ventilated place, and prevent from sun exposure, freezing and water. 

【Packing and transportation】 125kg or 150kg drum,Non-dangerous goods, transported according to general goods.


1、The above recommendations are based on experiences of our company and factories in the practical finishing for customer reference only and shall no t be considered as guarantee.

2、When using this product, customer shall determine the use and dosage of the selected materials according to the specific conditions through experiments.  

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