Thickener KR-917

Thickener KR-917

This product is widely used in cotton, polyester and other mixed textiles, which can be thickened and sorted out, which can make the cloth fluffy, thick, flexible, rubbing, and strong durability.

Product Details

【Technical Index】

● Appearance: milky white lotion

● pH value (10%solution): 6-7

● ion nature: non -ion

● Effective solid content: 42 ± 1%

● Solubility: Diluted with water at any intention

【Product advantages】

● Soft, thick, fluffy, non -plate, long -lasting and resistant to rubbing.

● The comprehensive cost -effectiveness is high, and the same thickness of the stiff agent is the same.

● The feel is delicate, not rough, and strong cotton.

【Packaging Storage】

● Packaging: 125kg plastic barrel.

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