High molecular cluster KR-960

High molecular cluster KR-960

This product is widely used in cotton, polyester and other blended textiles, which are thicker, strong salt tolerant, non -stick rollers and elasticity, rubbing resistance, and durable.

Product Details

【Technical Index】

● External view: milky white lotion

● Group: High molecular cluster

● PH value (10%solution): 6-7

● ion nature: non -ion

● Magnesium sulfate: 160g/L

● Effective solid content: 40%± 1%

● Solubility: Dilute with water at any intention

【Product advantages】

● Soft, thick, fluffy, non -plate, long -lasting and rubbing.

● The comprehensive cost -effectiveness is high, and the same thickness of the stiff agent is the same.

● The feel is delicate, not rough, and strong cotton.

【Packaging Storage】

● Packaging: 125kg plastic barrel

● Storage: stored in a cool and ventilated place, the shelf life is 6 months

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