What are the requirements of fabric softener


What are the requirements of fabric softener?

1. Under various soft processing conditions, the working fluid should be very stable.

2. Baidu and dyeing fastness of fibers or fabrics are not reduced.

3. The softened fiber or fabric is not easy to change color when heated, and will not change color, feel and taste during storage.

4. If the softener is emulsion, the emulsion has better stability.

5. According to different processing requirements, it can have appropriate water absorption, drainage and antistatic properties (which can be selected according to different requirements of fabrics). It is resistant to washing or dry cleaning.

6. No adverse reaction after contact with skin.

Because there are many kinds of textiles, different fibers, different specifications and uses of fabrics, and different finishing requirements, softeners should not be selected in general, and should be selected reasonably according to the softening mechanism and action characteristics of various softeners. In addition, the performance of each softener always has its limitations. In order to achieve good results in various properties, it can be mixed with two or more softeners (or mixed into new softener products). For example, the combination of silicone grease softener and long-chain grease softener can achieve better softness, fullness and smoothness, and the application of softener can be combined with mechanical softening finishing, which can often achieve good results.


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