Characteristics of synthetic fatliquors

Characteristics of synthetic fatliquors

Leather fatliquor as the main fatliquor has the following characteristics:

1、It can make the leather light and soft, with a comfortable slightly waxy feel, and make the leather grain surface clean, good flatness.

2、It has good emulsifying property, easy to emulsify and disperse in hot and cold water.

3, The permeability of new generation products is very good, the oil feeling is delicate, good fullness, can be used alone, and can improve the stability of emulsion when used in combination with other anionic fatliquor.

4、It is suitable for the main fatliquor of shoe upper leather, garment leather, sofa leather, luggage leather, glove leather and so on.

5、No odor after fatliquor for all kinds of leather, and resistant to yellowing.