Environmentally Friendly Golden Onion Paste Binder

Environmentally Friendly Golden Onion Paste Binder

Environmentally friendly gold onion paste KR-7101 is a kind of special adhesive with good affinity to PET gold onion flakes and strong combination with fabrics, suitable for special printing on cotton and polyester fabrics, with good fastness, transparency and unique metallic luster style after processing.

I. Technical indicators:

1、Composition: acrylate polymer copolymer

2、Solid content: 38±2%.

3、Ionicity: anionic

4、pH value: 6.5-7.5

5、Viscosity: 5000-15000 mpa-s (viscosity can be customized according to customer requirements).

Second, the advantages:

1, the adhesive film is colorless and transparent, will not darken the gold onion sheet, can maintain the unique luster of the gold onion sheet.

2, the water resistance of the film is very good.

3, bonding strength is higher, after printing can get very good wet and dry abrasion fastness and scrubbing fastness.

4, good permeability, good leveling, easy to operate.