Boiler feed water regulator KR-219

_0002_水处理 2
_0002_水处理 2
Boiler feed water regulator KR-219

This product is composed of a variety of amine compounds. it is a medicament for total volatilization treatment (AVT) of boiler feed water. It is mainly used to adjust the pH value of feed water. It has a more balanced vapor/liquid distribution ratio (R) compared with ammonia. it can provide more effective protection for feed water system, steam condensate system, steam turbine and steam heat exchanger. A boiler system with a maximum operating pressure of 16 MPa can be used alone or in conjunction with other agents.

Product Details

【Physical and chemical properties】

Components: Aqueous solution of volatile amines   

Appearance: Transparent colorless

Specific gravity: 0.9±0.05g/mL(20℃)

 pH value: 12±0.5(25℃)

 P-alkalinity: ³800mg/L(以 CaCO3 计),1%w/v。

 Water-solubility: 100%

 Freezing Point: 0℃

【product superiority】

▲ Reduce the risk of ammonia corrosion to copper or copper alloy parts in the system.

▲ Compared with ammonia, the conductivity of feed water, steam and condensate water is slightly affected, and the hydrogen conductivity is S/cm.0.2

▲ Whether or not condensate fine treatment device is installed in the system is applicable.

▲ The boiler is allowed to operate at a minimum discharge rate of 0.3%.

▲ The ideal vapor-liquid distribution ratio (R) can effectively prevent early condensation corrosion (FCC).

▲ Because of its full volatilization, it does not increase the content of dissolved solids (TDS) in water, and has little effect on the conductivity of furnace water.

▲ Agents are suitable for all types of boiler systems with pressure of 16.0 MPa.

▲ It can replace ammonia and hydrazine. Good compatibility with other agents.

▲ Used for reductive total volatilization treatment (AVT (R)) or oxidizing total volatilization treatment (AVT (O))

▲ It can passivate the pipeline and equipment of boiler feed water, steam and condensate water system, and can slowly remove the corrosion products that have been attached to the system.

▲ It can be added to recharge water, feed water, condensate water and steam system as needed.

【 Method of dosing】

▲  The dosage varies with the control range pH feed water and pH recharge water. The specific dosage should meet the requirements of water vapor quality index, see "File 1-water vapor quality Standard ".

▲ Dosing is usually measured in recharge water and is generally controlled between 3-12 mg/L. When the condensate is treated by mixed bed, the dosage is relatively high.

▲ The dosing site can be selected at different locations of recharge water, feed water, steam and condensate water system. For boiler systems, the recommended dosing point is located at the deaerator outlet.

▲ The medicament has good compatibility and can be added at the same time with all kinds of medicament including solid alkalizing agent, such as phosphate, sodium hydroxide, etc.

▲ The medicament is volatile and the dosing container should be well sealed.


▲ The medicament is alkaline, corrosive and irritating to skin and eyes, and should be handled and used carefully.

▲ Medicines belong to low-toxic products, but can not be used a long time in direct contact with food or drugs.

【Packing and Storage】

▲  20kg, 25kg, 200kg or 1000kg plastic packing drum.

▲ Storage should be sealed to avoid sunshine and contact with high temperature, avoid freezing.

▲ In the case of airtight, the warranty period is 1 year.

▲ The medicine after opening should be used up within two weeks.

File 1-Water vapor quality standard



Feed water

Furnace water

Steam steam


PH value





Direct conductivity μS/cm
















①Copper water supply system 8.8-9.3, no copper water supply system 9.2-9.6. The condenser is copper pipe, and the other heat exchanger is steel pipe.

②This index varies according to boiler drum pressure. MPa <20 mS/cm,10.1-12.6MPa 30 mS/cm.

③The index varies according to the superheated steam pressure. MPa £20 mg/L,5.9-12.6MPa 30 mg/L,3.8-5.3MPa 530mg/L.

④Execute this index when oxidizing total volatilization (AVT (O)) treatment. Perform £7 mg/L. when reducing total volatilization.

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