Corrosion Inhibitor

_0003_水处理 1
_0003_水处理 1
Corrosion Inhibitor

The scope of the application of corrosion inhibitors: This new type of corrosive inhibitor is composed of a unique organic and unsecured unit, which is suitable for a boiler system with a operating pressure of not more than 17MPa.

Product Details

Physical and chemical characteristics:

▲ External view: light brown yellow or colorless transparent liquid

▲ Water solution: 100%

▲ Ice point: ≤0 ℃

▲ Trinity: 1.00 ± 0.1g/cm3 (AT 20 ° C)

▲ PH value: ≥11.5 (AT 20 ° C)

Product advantages:

(1) Alternative: Pharmacy is strong alkaline, used to regulate the pH value of water, which can completely replace ammonia or solid alkalizers.

(2) Anti -corrosion protection: Pharmacy can eliminate early condensation and corrosion (FCC) commonly used in ammonia. It has better system protection performance. The amount of relocation of iron and copper in the system can decrease significantly.

(3) Increased efficiency and efficiency: Pharmaceuticals are strongly alkaline. Under the same conditions of the pH value of water supply, the water output of the mixing mixing is higher, and the frequency of regeneration of the mixing bed decreases significantly.

(4) Pre -membrane protection: Pharmacy molecules adsorb and metal adsorption to form a protective film, thereby reducing the speed of metal corrosion.

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