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Fabric Thickening Agent KR-32

Fabric Thickening Agent KR-32

Fabric Thickening Agent KR-32

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  • Release date:2021-01-23 09:32:14
Detailed introduction:

Fabric Thickening Agent KR-32


This product is widely used in starching process of cotton, polyester  and blended fabrics to improve fabric thickness. The fabric can get  good flfluffffy, thick handle and elasticity, good rubbing resistance and  durable effffect. 

【Technical Index】 

● Appearance: Milky white emulsion 

●PH Value: 6-7 

● Ionicity: Nonionic 

● Solid content: 36±1% 

● Solubility: dilute with water at any ratio 


●Better handle than stiffffening agent in softness, thickness and flfluffffy  effffect, good rubbing resistance and durable . 

● When making the same fabric thickness, it’s more comprehensive  cost-effffective than stiffffening agent by costing less softener/ softener  flflake. 

● Delicate without rough hand feel, strong cotton feel. 

【Storage & Packing】 

● 50KG or 125KG plastic drum packing. 

● Storage for 6 months in cool and shady place.

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