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Skin Feel Agent KR-15

Skin Feel Agent KR-15

Skin Feel Agent KR-15

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  • Release date:2021-01-26 13:27:07
Detailed introduction:

Skin Feel Agent KR-15


【Basic Summary】

Fabric type :Fleece, Wax-like Fabric

Performance and characteristics:

● Gives the fabric a flfluffffy, thick, skin-friendly feel

● Improves the thickness and fifineness of the fabric





Milk yellow transparent liquid


Super weak cationic







Formulated and to be used at Fleece and Wax-like fabric to adjust the hand feel


● Padding methods:30~60g/L      Temperatue:30~40℃

Technology:one dip, one pad or two dips, two pads

Dipping Methods:Dosage:2~10%(o.w.f)    Temp:30~40℃

Liquor ratio:1:10~15         Time:30mins

【Storage and package】

●Shelf life:6 months in cool and shady place.

●Package:125kg drums.

●Intermiscibility with other auxiliaries and process of the product,

please test fifirst and adjust according to the result.




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