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Sulfonated synthetic oil KR-178

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Sulfonated synthetic oil KR-178

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  • Release date:2019/07/04
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Detailed introduction

Technical index

Appearancebrown liquid.

Ionicity: anionic

Ph value: 6.0-7.0

Stability: Good stability to acid, alkali and hard water.



1. Make leather light and soft, with a comfortable slightly waxy feel.

2. It can increase softness and leather yield, and when used in leather, it can combine well with the skin and do not interact with the wool.

3. Good permeability, make leather excellent softness, but also have clean grain.

4. It can be used in light and colored leather alone. When used together with other fatliquoring agents, it can improve the stability of the emulsion, and has better effect on light garment leather and bag leather.


Recommended dosage

1. 5-10% dosage for all types of leather.

2. The information and application suggestions provided in this note are based on our company's and factory application experience and are for customer's reference only without any warranty.

3. In selecting our products, the customer shall determine the usage and dosage of the selected materials according to the specific conditions of the customer.

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