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Fatliquoring agent KR-168

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Fatliquoring agent KR-168

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  • Release date:2019/07/04
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Detailed introduction

Technical index

Ingredients: synthetic fat and high molecular fat hydrocarbons

Appearance: White emulsion

Ph value: 6.0-7.0

Ionicity: weak ion

Light resistance, heat resistance: Excellent

special chromium solution, acid stability: stability



It has strong emulsifying ability, good electrolyte resistance, strong adhesion with leather fiber, stable effect on unstable fatliquoring agent, is helpful for deep fatliquoring in leather, especially suitable for hard leather moisture (such as pigskin and goatskin) to give leather with a plump, flexible handle, very good light resistance, contact coloring and dyeing uniformity, on the suede surface. Leather has a good sense of death, and the surface is greasy.



It can be used in pickling, tanning, retanning and fatliquoring. It is suitable for separate fatliquoring of split suede leather.

In pickling and chrome retanning         2% of bare skin weight

In chrome retanning                                   4% of cut skin weight

In synthetic and vegetable retanning    2% of cut skin weight

Surface leather                                  4% of cut skin weight

For sheep garment leather and suede  10% of cut skin weight

Used for goat garment leather                10% of cut skin weight

This product is an emulsion with slight changes in color and consistency that do not affect leather properties.



The information and application suggestions provided in this note are based on our company's and factory application experience and are for customer's reference only without any warranty.

In selecting our products, the customer shall determine the usage and dosage of the selected materials according to the specific conditions of the customer.




It is recommended that the storage temperature be 3 to 35 degrees, heat and stir well before use or sampling. If the product is frozen, it must be added to 15 to 25 degrees, stir thoroughly.

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