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Softener flake KR-508B

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Softener flake KR-508B

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  • Release date:2019/06/12
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Detailed introduction

Technical Index

Appearance: light yellow flake

Ionicity: cationic

pH value : 4.0 ~ 6.0 (5~10% solution)


Dissolving Method

Cold water: During stirring add the flakes into 30 water gradually in the proportion of 5~10%, stir for 3-5minutes, make it disperse, then let it stand for 1~2hours, after that stir slowly into paste, reserve for use.

Warm water: Add the flakes into room temperature water gradually in the proportion of 5~10%, stir for 3-5minutes and heat up to 50~60℃, then stir for 30~60minutes slowly into paste, cool down and reserve for use.



Give fabric excellent soft, bulk and exquisite hand feeling.

Provide soft, smooth and elastic feeling when combined with silicone oil.



Can be used for soft finishing of cotton, linen, chemical fiber and blended yarn and fabric, has especially outstanding effect on cotton and T/C fabric.



Padding method: Dosage: 20~30g/L(10% solution)     Temp.: 30℃~40℃

               Technology: one dip, one pad or two dips, two pads

Dipping method: Dosage: 3~8%(o.w.f)(10% solution)    Temp.: 40-50

               Liquor ratio: 1:10~15               Time: 30mins


Storage & Packing

Storage period: 12 months in cool and shady place.

25kg in plastic woven bag.


Intermiscibility with other auxiliaries and process of the product, please test first and adjust according to the result.

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