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Stiffening Agent KR-217B

Stiffening Agent KR-217B

Stiffening Agent KR-217B

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  • Release date:2021-01-23 09:28:35
Detailed introduction:

Stiffening Agent KR-217B


After fifinishing with this product, fabric can get high stiffffness and obvious thick handle. This product is widely used for stiffff fifinishing process  in after treatment of polyester, polyester/cotton fabrics. With surface  brightener it can be used for batik calendaring fifinishing to impart  good gloss. 

【Technical Index】 

● Appearance: Milky white paste 

● Composition: High molecular copolymer 

● PH Value(10% solution):5.5-6.5 

● Ionicity: Nonionic 

● Solid content: 46±1% 

● Solubility: dilute with water at any ratio 


● It can be used in the same bath with softeners and soften flflakes  and after dipping/drying process the fabric can get stiffff, smooth and  thick handle.

【Storage & Packing】 

● 50KG or 125KG plastic drum packing. 

● Storage for 6 months in cool and shady place.

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