What is the qualified standard of water treatment test?


What is the qualified standard of water treatment test?

The water treatment test qualified standard bai is as follows:

1. chromaticity: most people can notice the chromaticity of du drinking water when zhi is 15 degrees higher than Dao, and shu hates it when it is 30 degrees higher than Dao. The standard stipulates that the chromaticity of drinking water should not exceed 15 degrees.


2. Turbidity: an expression of the optical properties of water samples, which is used to express the clarity and turbidity of water. It is one of the most important indexes to measure the good degree of water quality, and it is also an important basis for assessing the purification efficiency of water treatment equipment and evaluating the state of water treatment technology. The decrease of turbidity means that the content of organic matter, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in water is reduced, which can not only improve the disinfection and sterilization effect, but also help to reduce the amount of halogenated organic matter.


3. Odor and taste: The generation of water odor is mainly due to the existence of organic matter, which may be caused by the increase of biological activity or industrial pollution. The change of normal odor of public water supply may be a signal of the change of raw water quality or insufficient water treatment.


4. Visible objects: mainly refer to particles or other suspended substances that exist in water and can be observed by naked eyes.


5. Residual chlorine: Residual chlorine refers to the amount of chlorine remaining in water after being disinfected with chlorine and contacted for a certain time. Continuous sterilization ability in water can prevent self-pollution of water supply pipeline and ensure water quality.


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