What are dyes and pastes in printing process?


        What are dyes and pastes in printing process?

        Printing paste refers to the polymer compound added to printing paste bai, which can thicken du. Before printing zhi flower paste is added to printing dao paste, it is generally dissolved in water or hydrophilic polymer thick colloidal solution which is fully swollen and dispersed in water, or oil/water type or water/oil type emulsified paste. When prepared into printing paste, some dyes are dissolved in water, while the other dyes are dissolved, adsorbed or dispersed in the printing paste. Printing paste is the main component of printing paste, which determines the printing performance, the amount of dye on the surface, the smoothness of pattern outline, etc. Printing paste is a kind of polymer compound which can thicken printing paste. As a thickener of printing paste, the printing paste has a certain viscosity, which partially counteracts the infiltration caused by capillary effect of fabrics, thus ensuring the outline smoothness of patterns. As the dispersion medium and diluent of dyes, chemicals, auxiliaries and solvents in printing paste, all components in printing paste can be uniformly dispersed in the original paste and diluted to the specified concentration to make printing paste. As a dye transfer agent, it acts as a carrier. During printing, dye is transferred to the fabric with the aid of the original paste. After drying, a colored paste film is formed at the pattern. During steaming, dye is transferred through the film and diffused into the fabric. The amount of dye transfer varies depending on the type of paste. Used as adhesive. The original paste must have a certain adhesion to the flower cylinder to ensure that the printing paste is paid in the concave lines of the flower cylinder. When printing, the color paste is relatively squeezed by the cylinder and the pressure-bearing roller, so that the color paste can stick to the fabric. After drying, the colored paste film on the fabric must have great drilling ability on the fabric, so as not to fall off the fabric.



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