Application method and matters needing attention of boiler scale remover


Because of the long-term use of the boiler, some scale and scale may appear on the inner wall of the boiler. Once these scale and scale react with the boiler, they will not only bring some harm to our health, but also cause boiler accidents. Therefore, we should use boiler scale remover to clean the boiler regularly. Of course, after using the boiler scale remover, the fuel used by the boiler will be less than before. At the same time, it also reduces the cost of boiler cleaning. Of course, the most important thing is to avoid boiler accidents, thus extending its service life to a certain extent. Moreover, the boiler scale remover can clean up some substances harmful to our human body in the boiler, which can make our drinking water resources more reliable.


 The boiler scale remover can effectively dissolve and remove scale components such as calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, calcium sulfate, calcium silicate and iron oxide remaining in the boiler, and the scale remover products will not cause any corrosion on the inner wall of the boiler, sealing rubber ring, plastic parts and other components, so that the scale inhibitor is truly green and environmentally friendly, and will not cause harm to the surrounding environment.


  Boiler scale remover is widely used in industrial production at present, and is suitable for various industrial boilers, electric boilers and other fields. The industrial boiler scale remover uses food-grade raw materials in raw material selection, which can be used directly after cleaning the boiler. The cleaning solution can be discharged directly with the green and environment-friendly formula.


  The boiler scale remover is compounded with natural extract inorganic acid, accelerator, corrosion inhibitor and preservative, which is harmless to boiler, does not need special professional cleaning and safety protection, and is more convenient and safe to use without environmental pollution. Add this product and water in a ratio of 1:10 to the equipment to be washed, adopt dynamic circulation or static soaking method, control the temperature to be lower than 50℃ or adopt normal temperature for two hours, and adopt neutralization and purification treatment after cleaning. Normal dirt will be directly removed along with boiler blowdown, and the boiler will be free of dirt after long-term use. It brings great benefits to enterprises, reduces boiler maintenance and energy consumption.


  Use method of boiler scale remover


 1. Open the boiler water inlet.   

   2. Dilute and add into the boiler according to the ratio of 1:10.   

   3. Fill the water to the highest level, and wait for 2 hours to make the detergent solution fully react with scale.   

   4. Open the drain and drain the cleaning solution.   

    5. Rinse with clean water, and the cleaning and descaling work is completed.


  Matters needing attention in the use of boiler scale remover


 1. If you want to see a clear reaction process between the product and the scale, please find a disposable transparent plastic cup before cleaning the boiler, and you will see blisters around the scale, indicating that the product is reacting with the scale. After 1 hour or 2 hours, you will see that the scale is completely dissolved in the water and the water becomes turbid.   


2. After the boiler is stopped, a large amount of outside air will enter the furnace body system, and the water film attached to the metal surface of the furnace body will form oxygen dissolution with the air, which will cause dissolved oxygen corrosion when it reaches the bubble and state, and its corrosion rate is ten times as high as that during operation. In addition, the residual scale will make the corrosion more intense.   


3. In the process of cleaning the boiler, it takes time for the product to react with the scale. When the scale is not completely dissolved in water, please try to extend the time to 8-24 hours.   


4. The aqueous solution of boiler scale remover is acidic. If it is accidentally splashed on the skin, just rinse it with clear water, which will not cause any harm, but remember not to get it into your eyes.


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