What are the common water treatment chemicals


What are the common water treatment chemicals

Commonly used water treatment agents include scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, bactericide (water treatment bactericide), cleaning agent, flocculant, dispersant and other water treatment agents.

There are more than 100 kinds of water treatment agents on the market, which are widely used in industrial circulating water, boiler and heating water, oilfield water injection, reverse osmosis membrane and other systems.

Organic phosphine series scale and corrosion inhibitors, organic phosphonates, polycarboxylic acid scale inhibitors and dispersants, bactericides and algae killing agents, slime stripping agents, composite special scale and corrosion inhibitors (boiler scale inhibitors, heating water scale inhibitors, power plant scale inhibitors, oil field scale inhibitors), copper and hydrochloric acid pickling corrosion inhibitors, reverse osmosis agents (reverse osmosis scale inhibitors, reverse osmosis cleaning agents, reverse osmosis agents) Fungicides, etc.


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