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Improvement of water treatment technology by reverse osmosis composite membrane technology in China

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Improvement of water treatment technology by reverse osmosis composite membrane technology in China

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Tianjin University of Technology State Key Laboratory of membrane separation and membrane process of reverse osmosis membrane team, made significant progress in preparation technology of antibacterial and anti pollution reverse osmosis membrane system, their preparation of reverse osmosis membrane in organic pollutants and inorganic pollutants and microorganisms in the presence of both show good anti pollution, and the preparation method is simple, mild conditions, both efficiency and economy advantage.

According to Xinhua news December 15th, the results published in the International Journal of chemical materials in the field of the famous "Materials Chemistry", titled "multi component reaction one-step multiple function graft preparation of anti pollution antibacterial composite reverse osmosis membrane based on".

In the face of increasingly severe water shortage, it is urgent to seek efficient and energy-saving water treatment technology. Reverse osmosis (RO) is widely used in seawater and brackish water desalination, wastewater reuse, ultra pure water preparation and so on because of its advantages such as simple operation, low energy consumption, high permeate flux, high rejection rate and environmental friendliness.

However, membrane fouling has been a major obstacle to the further development of reverse osmosis technology and its operating costs. Surface modification is an important method to prepare anti fouling RO membrane and alleviate membrane fouling. RO system water complex composition, containing organic and inorganic compounds, colloid and microbial and other pollutants, the traditional surface modification method only for a kind of pollution mechanism, it is difficult to effectively solve the problem of membrane fouling in actual water conditions. One of the biggest challenges for researchers in the field of membrane is to produce highly efficient RO composite membranes.

Aiming at the above problems, Professor Meng Jianqiang research group to multifunctional modification on the surface of the RO film by multi component reaction at room temperature, using methanol as solvent, one-step reaction and anti pollution composition and antibacterial ingredients into the membrane surface. The results showed that when the modified RO composite membrane was used to filter the bovine serum albumin and the high hardness inorganic saline solution, the attenuation rate of permeate flux was much lower than that of the original membrane. In addition, the results of bacterial culture showed that the antibacterial rate of membrane material was as high as 98%.

Because the method is mild, convenient and quick, it has a good application prospect. The preparation of antibacterial and anti fouling RO membrane is expected to reduce the cleaning frequency of reverse osmosis system and prolong the service life of reverse osmosis membrane. Reverse osmosis desalination, water reuse is the core technology of sewage treatment, industrial water treatment, with reverse osmosis technology to reduce the cost of desalination, water and water market will continue to expand into thousands of households, is expected to achieve faster.


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