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Branch run for the analysis of biological 2016-2020 Chinas sewage treatment industry market

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Branch run for the analysis of biological 2016-2020 Chinas sewage treatment industry market

Release date:2017-01-13 Author:青岛科润生物 Click:

About water pollution issue has always been mentioned, especially the problem of groundwater pollution in Zhejiang, Hangzhou, Wenzhou and other places have farmers or entrepreneurs funded please Environmental Protection Bureau to swim in the river, in order to draw attention to the water pollution degree, although the various environmental protection bureau have chosen silence or rejection, but the public awareness of environmental protection, concern the degree of water pollution reached unprecedented.

2016-2021 China sewage treatment industry market demand and investment consulting report shows that sewage treatment is widely used in construction, agriculture, transportation, energy, petrochemical fields, environmental protection, city landscape, medical, food and beverage, also more and more into the daily lives of ordinary people. This paper briefly analyzes the 2016-2020 China sewage treatment market, see below.

Industrial wastewater treatment market

Rising costs of industrial wastewater treatment, compliance requirements, etc. will drive the market continues to expand, coal chemical industry, oil and sewage and printing and dyeing, medicine, food and other fields are investment.

Current situation of industrial wastewater treatment needs to change. In 2012, China's industrial wastewater emissions reached 221.6 tons, mainly in paper printing, chemical, textile and steel industries. The composition of industrial wastewater is complex, the pollution is serious, the treatment cost is high, and the recycling efficiency is low. Faced with these problems, at the policy level, the water pollution prevention action plan and other policies will be forced to become the focus of industrial waste water treatment industry.

From the wastewater treatment compliance rate, coking, paper industry, petrochemical industry and small steel sewage treatment rates have room for improvement. Standards will also expand the demand for industrial wastewater treatment market, including coal chemical industry, oil and sewage and printing and dyeing, medicine, food and other fields are investment. Rising cost of industrial wastewater treatment will promote the continuous expansion of market size.

In the market expectations, in the past few years, China's major cities industrial wastewater treatment fee from 0.66 yuan / ton rose to $1.17 / ton, is expected to scale industrial wastewater treatment market will reach 48 billion 200 million yuan.

In the field of industrial sewage, the future of China's industrial wastewater emissions will continue to increase year by year, is expected to reach 305.6 tons in 2020. Total investment in industrial wastewater field "12th Five-Year" period will reach 832 billion 400 million yuan, "13th Five-Year" period will be further increased to 972 billion 200 million yuan. Due to the wide range of industrial waste water, there are differences in the processing technology of each sub domain, resulting in a higher degree of monopoly in the field of sub sectors. The industry is more optimistic about the coal chemical industry, petrochemical industry, sewage treatment, such as the treatment of high and high risk waste water. On the market segments, the coal chemical industry water treatment may be a new blue ocean water treatment.

In the field of industrial wastewater, oily wastewater treatment is very attractive to investors. The main reason is the large amount of oily sewage treatment. At the same time, there are still some technical difficulties in the treatment of oily wastewater. For example, polymer removal, sewage treatment under different geological conditions of personalized solutions, there are a lot of technical difficulties. Sometimes 500 meters away from the oil well, impurities and minerals in the water will be very different. Have high technical requirements for enterprises engaged in water treatment.

Two, chemical wastewater treatment market

2013 China's total wastewater discharge of 695.4 tons, of which chemical industry wastewater emissions of 93 tons, the processing capacity of 41 tons, the treatment rate was only about 44%.

Following the atmospheric ten, the State Council on April 16, 2015 officially released water ten". "Ten water" standards are very strict, "ten water" special emphasis on enterprise consciously abide by the law enforcement measures, and pay attention to the application of the mechanism of water pollution prevention and control of the market, including PPP (PPP); water ten clear governance goal is to eliminate the five bad water until 2017, this time node earlier than expected the industry in 2020.

The complex composition of industrial wastewater is difficult to deal with urban sewage, high technical barriers, the need for technically leading professional companies. Industrial wastewater containing pollutants complex, usually contain one or more of the following: the pollution of acid and alkali, cyanide, phenol, aldehyde, oil, sulfur, phosphorus and organic substances, radioactive pollutants and so on, is also a great difference and different industries produce. New investment, according to the different projects and processes, the amount of investment in the 0.05-15 billion yuan / ton. Japan); operation, to wanbangda (300055) Yu Heng project as an example, tons of sewage operation fee is 5.9 yuan. Industrial waste water treatment usually need to combine one or several processes at the same time in order to better deal with industrial wastewater; high technical barriers to the industry, the industry needs a leading technology professional company.

Chemical wastewater market space for the next two hundred billion years to be opened. The proportion of urban sewage treatment in China is relatively high, and the future growth rate is slow. The proportion of chemical sewage treatment is low, the future growth rate of rapid increase in the proportion of space is very large. Total stock and incremental market, China's chemical waste water market space of 199 billion 390 million yuan per year, nearly 3 times the city sewage.

Three, sludge disposal market

Municipal sewage sludge treatment and disposal is another focus of attention. Is expected in the next 5 years, the scale of China's sludge treatment and disposal investment is expected to reach about $36 billion, in 2018 after the sludge treatment and disposal market space will be more than 9 billion 500 million yuan / year.

But with the market optimistic expectations are in stark contrast to the current situation of sludge treatment and disposal. In China, 31% of sludge disposal is landfill. The sludge is not stable, and it is easy to cause two pollution to the environment. 3.45% sludge mixed with waste


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