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Cause and prevention of color stain

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Cause and prevention of color stain

Release date:2017-01-13 Author:科润生物 Click:

1 coagulation of dyes

(1) the aggregation of dye molecules by direct collision of dye molecules;

2) in the process of coloration (fixation), the dye molecules produce a strong aggregation force, which makes the dye;

2 the process of the formation of a tar like substance in the presence of a dye particle and surfactant at high temperatures;

1) before treatment, bad cleaning is not sufficient, the fabric oiling agent and lubricant and grease, to dye bath, under high temperature conditions, contact with the hydrophobic dye particle adsorption, finally forming tar like substance;

2) when using the cloud point below the surface active agent before dyeing temperature treatment, such as not washing the net, dyeing temperature is too high, non ionic components will lose its water solubility, precipitation and hydrophobic oil particles, the final form of color stain;

3) using non-ionic and anionic compound leveling agents when dyeing, the dosage is too high, will be the formation of tar substances;

4, when using some anionic surfactants, such as poor solubility, will also form color stains.

3 lake of contamination fabric

1) is liquid foam tape to the fabric of the lake, causing contamination of colored stains;

2) fabric into a color liquid, the dye itself brought the color into the bath, the hydrolysis and oxidation formation of lakes, also floating on the surface, the slightest mistake will contaminate the fabrics, the formation of color stain;

Overcoming methods

1 to strengthen the fabric pretreatment, to remove the oil material, the net wash to wash the nonionic components;

2 measures to prevent condensation of VAT dyes:

Mainly to improve the oxidation rate of dye, do not have the opportunity to gather the hydrolysate;

1. The stronger the acid, the faster the oxidation rate of the dye;

2) the color bath temperature is high, the oxidation rate is faster;

3) ammonium vanadate was added to accelerate the oxidation reaction;

3 measures to overcome the aggregation of disperse dyes

1) to choose a less condensed dye at high temperature;

2) with excellent properties of leveling agent and dispersing agent;

3) correctly grasp the operation of chemical materials;

4 measures to prevent contamination of colored stains

1) to reduce and avoid the generation of lake;

2 dyeing solution and color solution should be added to the diffusion agent, can effectively eliminate the floating color;

3) the color should be floating liquid rushed to the corner, stirring to Lake diffusion;

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