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Effect of cotton quality on printing and dyeing cloth

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Effect of cotton quality on printing and dyeing cloth

Release date:2017-01-13 Author:科润生物 Click:

Cotton knot white star. Due to bad working and immature fiber especially caused by diseases and insect pests of cotton and cotton fiber stiff flap. It is also like the locust disaster and crop damage is fierce, textile quality disaster killer. Because of its small size is very easy to hold and gauze attached, in the textile dyeing process is difficult to get rid of the defect. For example, the NEP size and weight easily wrapped in yarn or attached on the surface of the yarn, woven into cloth after attachment on the canvas.

Printing and dyeing processing, the cotton fiber twisted together, singeing only burn on the cloth, not burn cotton fiber. When the cotton fiber dyeing cloth in the group of water after the stronger adhesion, which is blocking the color printing and dyeing cloth soaked. Printing and dyeing cloth after drying, because cotton fiber by dyeing of cellulose crystalline region in chemical dyes under the action of change, the reduced adhesion of cloth falling down, appeared on numerous irregular shaped white undyed primary defect, the printing and dyeing batch etc.. Serious harm, huge loss.

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