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How to prevent the elastic cloth from being lost in the rinsing process

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How to prevent the elastic cloth from being lost in the rinsing process

Release date:2017-01-13 Author:科润生物 Click:

Denim products dyeing and processing, once the degradation caused ELASTICITY-LOSS of spandex, is beyond repair, so we must do the pre production samples, to ensure the quality of production. There is no problem based on the physical and chemical properties of polyurethane fiber, spandex elastic denim products caused by the loss of projectile in the washing process, is mainly wash water processing technics or due to improper operation, resulting in the occurrence of fracture, dissolution phenomena such as spandex, resulting in loss of shells.

In the washing process, because spandex not resistant to chlorine bleach, the formation of nitrogen - chlorine binding to the fiber damage in hypochlorite solution, polyether polyurethane more serious injury. Rinse tank water temperature is too high or too long, spandex will appear degradation, resulting fabric elasticity loss. So how to avoid the process of removing the bomb?

(1) pre production test;

(2) in the production of bleaching water must be deployed into the cylinder after the injection, direct feeding;

(3) the floating water must be added to the equipment to prevent the loss of the local concentration;

(4) water left in the clothes on the high temperature drying of chlorine release resulting in degradation of spandex, pay attention to the cleaning work after bleaching;

(5) to strengthen the management of the staff working on the line, monitor the production status, and prevent the quality problems caused by the processing temperature or time exceeding the process requirements.

A lot of people in the face of the risk of loss of such a high time to ask, there is no better way to wash the anti - bomb solution? The answer is yes, of course, Novozymes cold bleaching enzyme solutions, can completely solve the problem of loss of shells in the washing process, because cold bleaching enzyme only on indigo color, has a bleaching effect, without any damage to other fibers, very suitable for volatile elastic fabric bleaching treatment.

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