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Elimination of oligomer in polyester yarn dyeing

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Elimination of oligomer in polyester yarn dyeing

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Oligomer production

In fact, polyester fiber in the production of chemical fiber spinneret, oligomer has been produced as a by-product. The chemical structure of the linear and circular, after high temperature dyeing, oligomers will be separated.

Two, the reduction of oligomers

Disperse dyes can be divided into E type, SE type and S type (also known as H type). The dyeing temperature is also different: E type is low temperature type, S type is high temperature type. Under normal circumstances, when the temperature rose to 125 ~ 130 DEG C, in the same holding time (30 min) of the color depth, almost the same, S type of dye will be slightly different. For different dyes, dyeing with low temperature can reduce the separation of oligomers.

General dyed yarn black, oligomers of the most prominent issues. The most commonly used scattered black EX--SF 300%, using the 125 ~ 130 C dyeing, the color is almost no difference, dyeing time should be controlled at a temperature of 30 min, not too long.

In the process of dyeing, the dyeing temperature and the dyeing time extend, and the oligomer will be separated from the fiber. By using appropriate additives, the separated oligomers can be separated from the slit of the yarn and can be dissolved in the bath. Although the yarn slack winding process, but it is still tight than the yarn and fabric dyeing is greater, more attention to.

High temperature discharge can reduce the oligomer. From the Guangdong Pearl River Delta region dyeing plant equipment status quo, more than 90 degrees above the liquid discharge is feasible, more than 100 degrees above the liquid waste dyeing plant also has. After years of practical experience, most of the dyeing mills have been found to be helpful in reducing the adhesion of oligomers on yarns and fabrics.

Three, removal of oligomers

It is very important to reduce the removal of oligomer in dyeing process.

The three elements of reductive cleaning are:

Temperature, time and additives.

The temperature is low, the oligomer is not easy to remove, the temperature is high, the color stripping effect.

The application of additives is also very important, after the use of a number of dyeing plants, that the reduction agent 1225 than the traditional process of insurance powder, the effect of better removal of oligomers. With the addition of the synergist, the residual rate of the oligomer can be reduced to less than 3%. The addition of caustic soda should make the pH value of dye bath more than 12. Choose the appropriate yarn silicone milk, can not remove the remaining oligomer softening, so that it can be in the future process of falling off.

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